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Clear soup with liver dumplings
€ 2,20
Clear soup with baked cheese dumplings
€ 2,10
Thinly sliced pancake soup
€ 2,10
Garlic soup served in a pot made of bread (You can eat the pot!)
€ 3,50
Onion soup with cheese au gratin
€ 3,30
Fried chicken salad  
Crunchy salads with chicken nuggets and garlic dressing
€ 6,70
Small portion:
€ 5,30
Farmer Salad
Crunchy salads with fried egg, grilled bacon and baked onion rings
€ 6,70
Small portion:
€ 5,30
Filet of pork on salad and sour cream dressing
€ 7,20
Small portion:
€ 5,70
Mixed salad
€ 2,60
In addition to it we recommend:
Warm French stick with garlic
€ 2,20
in almond butter with parsley potatoes and salad
€ 10,40
in cream sauce with herbs and vegetable-rice
€ 8,90
St. Peter`s fish (grilled)
with vegetables and almond-rice
€ 10,40
Veal escalope (breaded cutlet Viennese style)
with parsley potatoes and cranberries
€ 6,50
Cordon Bleu (of pork)
with cranberries and French fries
€ 7,50
Ragout of venison
with bread dumpling and cranberries
€ 7,50
Steak of pork
in cream sauce with herbs and vegetables
€ 9,30
(filets of pork and beef) with vegetables and French fries
€ 9,60
Escalope of chicken
with mushroom-sauce and noodles
€ 7,70
Pfandlplatte for 2 persons:
grill-mix and baked things with French fries and vegetables
Be surprised!
€ 22,40
Black pudding with potatoes and sauerkraut
€ 6,70
Spinach noodles in a sauce consisting of ham and cream, with mixed salad
€ 6,70
Cheese noodles with mixed salad
€ 6,70

Roasted potatoes with mushroom, onions, bacon and herbs

€ 6,70
We prepare special portions for seniors, too.
Every Wednesday from 6 pm we offer:
fried ribs of pork
with jacket potatoes baked in aluminium foil, coleslaw, mustard, horseradish and French stick with garlic
€ 7,00
Small portion of ribs
with mustard, horseradish and bread
€ 4,00
Viennese browned omelette with roasted plums
€ 6,20
"Dukatenwuchteln" with vanillia sauce
€ 3,40
Omelettes filled with ice-cream
€ 3,50
Apple strudel or strudel filled with cream cheese
€ 2,40
Chocolate cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
€ 3,40

All meals are freshly prepared. If you get into a little waiting period, the culinary delight will compensate for it.

We hope you have a pleasant stay in our house.

Alexander Auer and Team